About Us

Welcome to PlantLife Homelife! I’m Michael, the founder of this site. As a passionate gardener for many years, I have pursued my interest in horticulture and gardening by completing numerous long-distance courses in these areas.

Through conversations with others, I discovered that many people face challenges when it comes to gardening. From getting started, to maintaining beautiful gardens, selecting appropriate tools and equipment, designing outdoor spaces, and keeping plants healthy – it can be overwhelming. That’s why I created PlantLife Homelife, to provide guidance and support to those who need it.

My expertise in gardening has allowed me to identify the most effective methods for growing a wide range of plants, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, and trees. I’ve learned how to optimize soil quality, use fertilizers and pesticides safely, and create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. In 2022, I purchased a one-acre homestead, giving me even more opportunities to experiment with different gardening techniques and ideas. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

In addition to my expertise in gardening, I hold a degree in Urban Design. This academic background has given me a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of designing and planning urban spaces. I have a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the importance of sustainable design practices.

PlantLife Homelife offers guidance and support for those interested in creating beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener, my expertise in Urban Design can help you achieve your desired results. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience to help you achieve success in your gardening endeavors.

Thank you for visiting PlantLifeHomelife.com